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Hiring a qualified corporate lawyer to work for you can add incredible value to your business. With the help of an attorney from the Mayr Law Firm PC in San Jose, CA. you can ensure your organization's compliance with all applicable laws, thus protecting your company.

Our team has handled a wide variety of corporate law issues. We have years of experience consulting with companies to improve their processes and bottom line. We leverage our background in the consulting industry to guide your company in your decision-making process, helping you obtain the best possible outcome for every transaction or business venture.

Legal Concerns We Handle 

  • Business Formation
  • Contract Formation
  • General Business and Contract Issues

Put Our Skills in Corporate Law to Work for You 

Do you need help with your business, a business transaction, generating a contract, reviewing a contract, or resolving a business dispute? Rely on us. Contact us today, and let us know how we can serve you. You can also request a quote at no extra cost.