Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Will Fight for You in Court 

At the Mayr Law Firm PC in San Jose, CA, we zealously fight for our clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, from white collar to violent crimes. You can count on us to create for you an aggressive line of defense to help you obtain the most favorable result possible for your situation.

Assessing the Variables of Your Case

In criminal law, each case has many variables that have to be considered. These variables include the veracity of the evidence and how it was obtained. There are also other aspects that people often overlook, such as the processes that transpired during the arrest or detainment of an individual.

When you work with a lawyer from the Mayr Law Firm PC, you can leverage our years of experience to assess your chances of success. We will also help you find ways on how you can make your argument stronger.

Reducing Sentences

If a defendant has a low possibility of getting a “not guilty” verdict, our criminal defense attorneys will then step up to negotiate on behalf of the client to make the sentence as light as possible. We will do whatever we can to get prosecutors to reduce our clients' jail time or fines.

If you or your loved one has been charged with a crime, depend on us. Contact us today for more information.