Knowledgeable in Handling DUI/DWI Cases

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is something that should not be taken lightly. It is considered as a serious offense by courts since it can pose danger to other motorists and pedestrians. For this reason, it is no wonder that the stakes of a DUI/DWI case are quite high.

If you need help from a skilled lawyer to take care of your case, look no further than the Mayr Law Firm PC in San Jose, CA. We will aggressively defend you in court as well as in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Why Choose Us 

We are knowledgeable in DUI/DWI laws. As your legal representative and counselor, we will take a detailed look at your case and create strategies on how to litigate it. We strive to deliver you the best results possible, and you can count on us to fight for you to the end.

If a plea deal is contemplated, your designated lawyer will negotiate with the prosecution with the objective of lessening the penalties or sentence. The goal is to minimize the negative impact of the case on your life and your ability to make a living.